About Us

Our History

Flick Packaging has been developing the art of design and fabrication of packaging since 1930…94 years in business.  Currently brothers Erik and Adam Flick are the 4th generation of Flick Family leadership.

From its humble beginnings in Galion, Ohio, Flick-Bollerer Lumber Co. initially served the local community’s lumber and coal needs. However, as World War II loomed, the company pivoted, partnering with the local construction equipment manufacturer Galion Iron Works to support the war effort. Together, they crafted and packed essential equipment for transportation across the Atlantic, playing a vital role in the wartime logistics.

In the post-war era, Flick-Bollerer Lumber transitioned back to civilian life, maintaining a blend of retail sales and occasional government contracts. The 1970s saw further evolution as Flick Lumber Co. shifted focus to commercial wood box and pallet production, adapting to the changing industrial landscape.

By the 1980s, under the guidance of brothers Gary and Mike Flick, the company embraced a new identity as Flick Packaging Co., prioritizing military and commercial sales. Today, with Erik and Adam at the helm, Flick Packaging continues to uphold its reputation as a trusted provider of packaging solutions for both military and commercial clients.

From its modest origins to its current global presence, Flick Packaging’s journey reflects a commitment to innovation and adaptability, ensuring its enduring legacy in the world of packaging.

Our Executive Team

Erik Flick

President & CEO at Flick Packaging with 20+ years experience in leadership of wood box manufacturing.

Adam Flick

Vice President at Flick Packaging with 15 years experience in wood box manufacturing.

Jennifer Sharrock

Director of Operations at Flick Packaging with 20 years management experience.

Our Facility

Flick Packaging operates across five buildings, encompassing almost 40,000 square feet of production space, to effectively meet your packaging needs. We operate two full-time shifts to fulfill the diverse requirements of our customers. If you’re looking for specific dimensions of plywood or lumber, you’ll be pleased to know that we have a dedicated cut shop to handle any “cut-to-size” orders. We invite you to contact us today so we can discuss how we can best serve your packaging needs. Your satisfaction is our success, and we’re excited to explore all the ways we can meet and exceed your expectations.


Proudly Supporting the US Armed Forces

For Over 90 Years

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