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Established in the 1930s, Flick Packaging is an experienced and trusted name in the packaging industry. Now run by the fourth-generation duo, Adam and Erik, the company continues its robust legacy by tackling packaging problems head-on and bringing pioneering solutions aimed at military packaging. Constantly innovating, Flick Packaging is proud of its strength in retrofitments, creating durable and reliable solutions meant to withstand various conditions. As committed partners to the armed forces, we supply our top-tier packaging solutions across the globe, ensuring goods are delivered safely and efficiently, no matter the destination.

Custom Packaging Solutions


  • Durable packaging for heavy machinery and equipment
  • Specialized containers for shipping and storage


  • High-quality, resilient packaging solutions tailored to support US Armed Forces requirements
  • Includes boxes for armor, tents, and munitions


  • Ensuring the safe transportation of sensitive equipment, ammunition, and other supplies.
  • Custom built to handle large amounts of materials and goods, making transport, storage, and delivery significantly more manageable.


  • Heavy-duty containers for transporting large or heavy items
  • Offers superior protection to withstand harsh conditions


  • Tailored box design solutions for any item
  • Expert fabrication to ensure perfect fit and optimal protection


  • Tailored box design solutions for any item
  • Expert fabrication to ensure perfect fit and optimal protection

Foam Packaging Solutions

At the leading edge of packaging innovation, Flick Packaging adheres to high military standards and utilizes precision engineering in the creation of a comprehensive range of foam packaging solutions. Each option presents a unique blend of features tailored for specialized protection of different types of goods. Our A-A-59136 standard cushioning material, which replaces PPP-C-1752, manifests attributes of adaptability, resilience, and rigidity.

The offerings include Polyethylene Foam, boasting a balance of flexibility and support, and Polyurethane Foam, lauded for its soft yet durable nature capable of absorbing shock to protect against damage. Moreover, we provide custom-designed Molded Foam for a secure fit, and Anti-static Foam, which is particularly suitable for electronics and sensitive devices due to its static-dampening properties. We also cater to clients who prioritize cost-effectiveness without compromising rigidity with our EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) solution. Lastly, our precision shines in our CNC Routed Foam, meticulously cut by a computer numerical controlled router for the ultimate fit and elevated product protection.

Proudly Supporting the US Armed Forces

For Over 90 Years

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