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Wood Box Products

Offering complete turnkey packaging we can provide you with a variety of wood box solutions.  We manufacture boxes ranging from the size of a small cooler all the way to the size of a sport utility vehicle or larger.  If you need to ship your product but don’t have the man power or time to do it yourself let us package it for you.  We will make the process as smooth and cost effective as possible.  Send us your material in a bin or on a pallet and we will manufacture a box to your specifications, pack it with your product and send it to either you or your customer.  It’s as simple as that. 

Often companies want to package their material as it comes off the assembly line.  In this instance we will be more than happy to manufacture and send you the box either completely assembled or “knocked down” for you to assemble.  We work with our customers to find out what process will work the best for them.  Contact us today to find out what process will work best for you.

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We've been proudly supporting the US Armed Forces for over 30 years.

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