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Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Box dimensions are normally quoted inside dimensions and must be stated in the sequence of length, width and depth. The length is always the larger of the two dimensions of the open face (flap opening); the width is the smaller. The depth is always the distance perpendicular to the length and width, and is measured from the inside of the box.

Below are Common Corrugated box styles.

Regular Slotted Carton (RSC)

All flaps are the same length. The outer flaps meet at the center of the box, the inner flaps meet only on a square carton. Most economical to manufacture, it is well adapted for multiple use.
Full Overlap (FOL)

Inner flaps overlap at random. Provides more than two thicknesses of cushioning on top and bottom. Improves closing for end opening styles of extreme short width dimensions. Specify FOL with IFM (inner flaps meeting) for level resting contents. This requires flap cutting.
Half Slotted Carton (HSC)

Single HSC is a slotted box with one set of flaps only. Used as a "slip cover" for batteries, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. An FTHS is two HSC’s (top and bottom) of equal depth. The two thicknesses of fiberboard at sides and ends afford maximum protection to contents and superior stacking strength.
Full Telescope (FTC) Design Style

Top and bottom of equal depth, usually shallow. Provides good side-wall strength for stacking. Ideal for opening, closing and reusing. Also can be made with partial telescoping top.
One Piece Folder

More economical than a carton and they require less storage space. Very quick and easy to use. Available also in "Special Style" where all flaps meet.
Five Panel Folder

A very economical and easy to use package. Ideal for long thin objects. Long folders may be easily cut down to fit shorter objects.

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